Firm Profile

OA+D Architects was formed in 1993 and is a consulting Architecture and Land Planning firm providing a full range of professional services for private and public clients. The company is involved in planning and design activities that include initial consultations, feasibility studies, design, working drawings, specifications, and construction administration.

The founding principal, Danny Owens AIA, started the firm after a number of years of employment at the Public Works Department of the Cayman Islands Government. Later, he was joined by Omar McLean also of the PWD. Together, they were responsible for producing the design and construction documents for a number of highly regarded public facilities throughout the Island.

The adherence to a design process that emphasises commitment, communication and co-ordination resulting in responsive service and projects that satisfy client goals, are our aim and the force behind success. From a modest beginning, OA+D has grown to be one of the larger firms on the Island.

Over the past few years OA+D has teamed with a number of international firms and appointed as local Architects for The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman in association with Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo (WAT&G) and Edward D. Stone Jr. and Associates (EDSA).Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

Architecture is about making design connections. Our goal and purpose of being is to produce quality, responsive buildings that satisfy our clients objectives and are suited to the context and environment of the Islands.

Our start in the design process begins with our staff who are involved in the project; a variety of backgrounds and experiences gives a relevant approach to a solution. Our approach is one with all members of the team contributing and presenting ideas.

Our designers know the Islands - having people who have lived and travelled all of their lives in the region gives us the ability to provide solutions that respond to the economics, politics, history, religion, culture and art - as well as to the climate, geography and architecture of each location.

The manipulation of form, space and light is the essence of architecture. We are aware of how architectural solutions to program, budget and scheduling requirements can satisfy the owners return on investment. Out of a thoughtful resolution of the unique aspects of place and program can arise an architecture that is relevant today and tomorrow and which provides added value and influences the bottom line.