Danny Owens, A.I.A.


Danny was born in West Bay and attended Primary and High School in Cayman. He attended Iowa State University and North Carolina State University on Government scholarships and is a member of the American Institute of Architects.

Danny founded OA+D Architects in 1993. Today, OA+D can measure significant achievements over the past sixteen years. From a modest beginning as a sole practitioner’s office, they have grown to be Cayman’s leading design consultant for the hospitality industry and public buildings.

Recent projects include the winning entry to a design competition amongst local architects and firms for the National Gallery, the Hyatt Beach Suites, Boatswain's Beach and the new Government High Schools project. These projects signify the resources available to OA+D to complete projects renowned both for their creativity and for bottom line success.

With an interest in the history and culture of the Islands, Danny was honoured by the National Trust for his contributions to the organisation. He was a finalist for the Young Caymanian Leadership Award and was honoured during the Cayman Islands Quincentennial Celebrations.

Professional Experience
January 1987 to October 1993 Architect with Public Works Department
Cayman Islands Government
November 1993 to present Principal, OA+D Architects
September 1987 to May 1988 North Carolina State University
January 1983 to December 1986 Iowa State University
Bachelor of Arts in Architecture
Other Training
September to November 30, 1990 Caribbean Development Bank, Barbados WI
Certificate in Project Preparation and Management
November 1993 National Trust for the Cayman Islands
West Bay Historical Walking Tour
March 1999 National Gallery of the Cayman Islands
Principal in charge of competition winning design
March 2000 Finalist, Young Caymanian Leadership Award
May 2003 Quincentennial Celebrations, Wall of Honour
Affiliations Member, American Institute of Architects
Registered Architect, State of Arizona, USA
Registered Architect, State of Florida, USA
Member, CASE
Member, C.I. Government Assessment Committee (Roads)
Director, Future Sports Club